Sunday, September 14, 2008

Giving Thanks

A few weeks ago, I faced tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty in my life. And in my heart I seek the wisdom, compassion and guidance of Lord Buddha and the Bodhisattvas. When the entire 'crisis' was over, I felt great comfort in the blessings and guidance of the Enlightened ones. Having always identified myself as an atheist Therevadan Buddhist, I had difficulty comprehending the Mahayanist Bodhisattva. However as I grow older and learn more about this world, I realise my narrowmindedness and am convinced and thankful that the Bodhisattvas were really there for me, through a series of coincidence. The following prose which I have penned is an offering of a sincere heart of gratitude.

Your Wisdom lights up the gloom of ignorance
Your Love changes the colours of the wind
Your Compassion is a comfort to all beings
You are the Light of the Universe the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.
And your tranquil smile always tells me that "everything will be alright"
I give my thanks to Lord Buddha,
My Teacher who has guided me through the torrents of the world

You listen to the cries of the Universe
and in Your heart you weep
You vow to give solace to the troubled
and lift them up from sorrow
Your Compassion is praised by many
and revered by countless across worlds
Oh Avalokittesvara!
I give thanks to you for listening to my cries
and raise me up when I was down.

You are the Treasure of the Earth
Who has sacrificed for the fallen
Your selfless vows have been praised by the Wise
and revered by those who have no strength to do the same
But we can only aspire to one day be as saintly as you do
For you continue to dwell in the darkest echelons of samsara
In service of those who have walked the wrong path
Oh Ksitigarbha!
I give thanks to you for always inspiring and comforting
especially in my darkest hour

Yours in the Buddha-Dhamma,
Shi Xiong

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Yueheng said...

Greetings, my fellow Buddhist. Would you mind elaborating about the series of coincidence you referred to? Of course I understand if you find your experience too personal to relate.