Monday, September 15, 2008

"I want to start living again"

For the past few months, I seemed to be stucked at a busy cross road not knowing what to do. But I am so determined to find back the motivation that is lost. I want to jump back to my feet and run towards the finishing point. I want to see through the fog that has blinded me for months. I prayed to Buddha today, silently seeking guidance, blessing and courage for me to walk the path.
I sought for guidance and I found guidance today. Today is the day where I want to start living again. And may all in SBM start living and find their source of motivation to walk the spiritual path.
The quote is specially dedicated to everyone in SBM and to all who seek motivation in their life. Please Enjoy:

"I'm excited about life. I'm excited about the home we're creating together,
woven out of our days spent working together and experiencing the world
together. I'm excited about our future encounters with each other and the
synergy that will flow through our interactions. This is it. This is the time to
do what you always knew you were meant to do. I wish I had some kind of warcry!
I want to start attacking my days on earth! I want to start living again! I want
to take it, seize it, devour all my future days and nights! Let me leap out of
bed! Let me rush through the daily rituals! Let me be restless and strong and

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