Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dealing with Uncertainties

" Ajahn Brahm reminded us that we should have hope during uncertain times like these. The attitude which we should approach difficult times is best summed up by the phrase ‘This too will past.’ He pointed out how both good times and bad times are impermanent. For example, human health is fragile as we may be in the pink of health currently but we may suffer from poor health as we age. Even a marriage ring is not considered an eternal handcuff. We cannot be complacent and assume that the special relationship would last forever. We need to put in effort and be careful in order to make the good times last as long as possible. "

If you have missed out on Ajahn Brahm's talk at Bright Hill Monastery last night, you can get a summary at Buddhist Fellowship youth's very own blog here.

In any case, be reminded that the loss of fame and wealth is not a loss of your whole purpose in life. Because we can and will never lose the love and affection of the people who love us and care for us.

May all be well, happy and abide in peace!

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