Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saikang Warriors

From Protectors of the 6 Realms

to the PKL (Pao Ka Liao)

Will the Dharma be safe in their hands? Or will Mara prevail?

The last we checked (from her blog), Wanling has a boyfriend.

No. It's not Forrester.

So the best way to Destroy Mara and Save the Dharma is by living a life abiding in the precepts and in cultivating your mind in love, wisdom and compassion.

Sadhu to PKL for really PKLing everything. (I heard they are washing canvas sheet in SBM now)


Anonymous said...

heh heh heh... nice pics of the PKL aka Protectors of the Six Realms. Hmmmm, i call myself THEE Protector of the Six Realms after my GURU's tradition (he is Avalokiteshvara). so you join my gang??? heh heh ...

Xiong said...

Hi sorry but this is? :)