Sunday, October 5, 2008

Xinyi is thankful of the world and loves everyone.

From Xinyi's blog :

"I really am blessed.
To have such wonderful parents, such wonderful brothers.
And such wonderful friends.
And being able to learn the Dharma at this age, and most importantly, at Sbm. Where I've really made great friends.

Thanks everyoneeeee. Loveeeeeee :D "

Indeed. Be thankful of the world and be contented. Always appreciate and cherish the good people around you and the peaceful and comfortable environment that you have here, in prosperous Singapore. Also, work hard and jia you in your spirituality.

The Buddhist Blog-hopping Grasshopper of SBM Youth

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Anonymous said...

welcome to the SBMY family :):):)Hey Xinyi, i like your avatara (?)grasshoppy :)