Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spider Pig

Spider Pig Spider Pig

Does what ever a Spider Pig does

Can he swing...from a web?

No he cant...cause he's a pig

Look out!! It's the Spider Pig!

Even if you haven't watched The Simpsons Movie, chances are you've heard that little ditty sung by someone who has. I'll admit that I too left the theater singing it after I watched the movie for the first time causing the people walking next to me to look at me sorta funny. Spider pig on my mind I neglected however to take away from the theater the bigger message the movie has to offer;

We have to awaken to see our own environmentally apathetic ways.

I'm not going to go into great detail about the Buddhist values present in the film, so for those of you who missed sharing or want to freshen up your memories : ) You can view the article here. It's a nice read thats well written and I promise that it'll help you comb through the comedy to find some true values you can apply to your own life.

(PS. I think Richard Gere, a true life Buddhist, almost looks better animated.)

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