Sunday, November 2, 2008

Because hangqi saw the wrong timing for the movie, I have had to zoom zoom down in a cab to catch the horror (not) flick, The Coffin.

While the movie might not be worth for my 6 (+10) bucks, I felt that it did give me a very stark reminder that- Bad Karma cannot be destroyed and, as we move on from one lifetime to another, taking different physical forms, we bring along nothing but our Karma.

This reminds me of something that I left out in the previous entry- Many have the wrong perception that by becoming vegetarian, one can gain merits to 'neutralise' whatever bad karma one has attained. This is true only to a very slight extent.

Venerable Bodhi explained that when we make mistakes, we can move on by confessing to our mistakes either to the Buddha or a Bhante, and promise to make an attempt to abstain from that act again.

Marble =D


Anonymous said...

Hi SBMYers, Hope you enjoyed the screening and discussion. FYI, here's a Dharma review of "The Coffin" -

Lying in "The Coffin" to Contemplate Death?,7322,0,0,1,0

You can see more movie Dharma @

Amituofo, shi'an

Xiong said...

Thank you for sharing!