Monday, December 22, 2008


Reflections from Kevin's blog. (hope you don't mind me putting it up here!)

have u ever wondered, why are we here?
why are we born, into this world. to be called humans, to be what we are now, to continue with life with the norm that what other people had created.
if we dwell deep in the sutras and the nikayas of the Buddha well, we'll learn that it's all karmic effects and actions.
to some, to be born in the Human realm, may deem to be an average state. some, they want to be reborn in a better realm, the Heavenly realm.
but to Buddhist, as we all know, to be born in the Human realm, is actually the hardest of all. the rare-est of the rare-est chance that we have, as compared to other realms.
the Buddha last set foot as a Human, before he attained Nibbana. or to some, Nirvana.

to me, life is like a lucky draw to an adventure trip. it comes with a limit. when u checked in the hotel, u have to leave the hotel at one time eventually.
but before u leave the hotel, u must make sure u have made ur trip worth.
this is the same concept as life.
lets face the fact.
everything is impermanent. we have to die and pass on one day.
but it's the period of time that when we are alive which matters most. it's not the matter of stopping urself from dying. one has to grow old gracefully, as this is nature, and we shall not go against it.
it depends what we want our life to be made of.
have we really made our lifespan worth? or do we just waste our time away and die?
to some, they just wana earn alot of money. be rich. live rich. and die rich.
to some, they wana make history, and make themselves known.
to some, they just wana live a simple life, with as less worries as possible, and just take it easy along the growth curve.
to buddhists, did we really thought of what we want our life to become?
or are we just blindly practicing the teachings of the Buddha, like doing Dana, without knowing and understanding what's the motive behind it?
to me, i believe that we should spend our life cultivating ourselves. to dwell deep into our mind, to know ourselves better, and to know the world better. how everything works. and how everything falls into one big picture for what we call Life.
its amazing when we study and concentrate on a small simple thing, such as breathing, that we suddenly realise the nature of it, and how it connects to form the big picture.
cultivating ourself, keep improving ourself, and broaden our understanding about life through meditation might be some of the things that one may focus on in life.
at least to me that is.
now i just have to ensure that i dont just talk the talk, but to actually work the talk, and put it into action.
when u see more, u learn more, and u'll want to continue it.
but ultimately, to all, think of how u want ur life to be, and how do u want to make it worth. rather than to waste it on norms that other people have created, and regretting it in the future, without u knowing that u regretted it.
(norm - process of life which is often monotonous, eg: going to kindy, then to primary, secondary, college, uni, work, have a family, grow old, watch ur kids have their families, get sick, and die)

think about it.

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Anonymous said...

hey this post is really nice =)
it is like knocking the door of my mind, open my deepest thought to realize what is a LIFE =)