Monday, December 22, 2008

do a good deed NOW

The upcoming recession is a worrying topic in most households, especially those struggling with poverty and jobless. But I believe that most of us come from families that can still cope fine and thus, it will be good to practice and do a good need now.

A message from an old friend:

"Dear friends, I'm collecting some old, unwated clothes 'n especially jeans. I will turn them into some useful 'n sellable items. I have many jobless and no money people from welfare organisations to make the items so it can create jobs for them. Maybe while clearing your cupboard for the new year, you can give me your unwanted clothes n jean.s If you have clothes that you want to sell, I can also sell them for you on my upcoming blog. I will need ongoing supplies of these clothes. So, if possible help me spread the words. I am available to collect the clothes anything including xmas eve n xmas. Do let me know. Thanks! Practice green, save the earth from global warming pls."

Lawrence, 96694664.

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