Monday, December 22, 2008


** the following passage is extracted from Cherise blog **

I found it truely reflective and inspiring and hope to share with the rest for those who did not visit her blog. (Cherise hope you dun mind)

What is life? Why are we here? Why am I here? Who am I? Questions I believe humans, people, have struggled with since time began. My personal belief is that life is all about experiences. The good and the bad we are exposed to in our lives each time. Love, happiness, pain, sorrow, suffering, joy, pleasure etcetra. I believe that there is a need to have opposites, the good and the bad, they co-exist. One cannot do without the other. You cannot have day without night, otherwise, what would it be called? The good cannot exist if there is no bad because there would be nothing to compare it to. The nature of things, this is my belief. To completely eradicate one side... it's unthinkable to me how would the world function like that. Imagine a world where there were no 'bad' people. Have you read the book ? To me, it's scary. There would be no good either. Everybody would be the same. Monotonous. *Shudder*

I think Buddhism will give me the answers to my misconceptions. Why do I call my beliefs misconceptions even though I believe in it? Because if I knew and understood Buddhism so well then I wouldn't have these thoughts. Thus misconceptions. Logic basically.

Why am I here? Firstly, I'm on earth. I'm a human, I need oxygen, food and water to survive. I am a dependant being. Why am I on earth? Because I am. So deal with it:) I will learn what it means to be human, and what I have to do while I'm here.

Who am I? I'm Human. I will learn.

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