Sunday, February 22, 2009

Be Like Water

Be Like Water

As water is calm and cool by nature, so too, the meditator, out of compassion for all creatures and seeking their welfare, should be possessed of patience, love and kindness.

As water makes the impure pure, so too, the meditator, whether in the village or the forest, should in all circumstances, never transgress or give reason to be reprimanded by his preceptor or teacher.

As water is desired by everyone, so too, the meditator should have few wishes, be content, aloof and solitary in his or her practice, thus being much desires by the whole world.

And finally, as water in itself harms no one, so too, the meditator should do nothing by body, speech or mind that produces strife, quarrels, contention, disputes, neglected meditation or dislike

(Milindapanha 383)

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