Monday, February 2, 2009

Month of February

This Saturday is our Second Leaders Workshop, starting at 11am. Some of the topics will be 'Conflict Management', 'A Buddhist Leader', 'What kind of leader are you?' and etc. In addition, we also hope to finally formally introduced newly elected Management Committee of Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth) to everyone! So do come down for an afternoon of learning, sharing and growing!

And in the evening, we will be supporting our very own rock band, Reaching Jhana at Om Music Workshop! So do join us after the workshop as we come together with our friends from other Buddhist groups and rejoice in songs and hymns that spread the goodness and peace of Buddha's teachings. And Reaching Jhana, please bring the house down!

On Sunday, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year with our Singapore Buddhist Mission family, with the adults and elderly! So do come down if you are free :)

But if you have an impending test or homework which you have not completed, then please STAY AT HOME. =)

Remember, as students, your number one priority is to work hard in your academic endeavours! And when you have out in your best effort, be satisfied and contented with the fruits of your work.

Buddha blesses! Sadhu!

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