Monday, February 9, 2009

Om Music Concert! Reaching Jhana!

Reaching Jhana - Buddhist Boy

The day he took a step outside alone,
He didn’t like what there’s to see.
There’s a reason, why we are here.
Saving this world, it’s all up to me.

So I am walking down this path.
The path he took barefooted through soil.
It’s not the left,
It’s not the right,
It’s to the middle.
Coz I’m a Buddhist Boy.

To walk down this sacred path of uncertainty,
To be free.
For which the enlightened one discovered suddenly,
Under a bodhi tree.
To attain nirvana is the ultimate goal of we Buddhist men,
Oh we believe we can
But right now I’m just a devoted Buddhist boy,
Where meditation is my daily source of joy.

I have metta for all kinds of people
To the robber who’s name was Roy
He took my money, and he shot my leg
But I wish you well, Roy
Coz I’m a Buddhist boy

Reaching Jhana - Not Without You

Reaching Jhana - Strive

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