Sunday, February 8, 2009

Workshop Review!


I hope the workshop the past week has dug deep into your consciousness about ethics and conflict management, and further help to spew more creativity in project and events management!

I will be giving u a review soon about the past workshop, so no worries if you've missed, but look forward to next week, Sunday, 15th Feb! (Why not 14th? Never ask this question!)

Here are the topics for next week in order of time!

11am - Puja
1130am - Leadership Mindset: Shixiong
1230pm - Lunch
130pm - Marketing and Communications: Zeming
2.30pm - Budget Concerns: Zeming and Shixiong

This workshop is uber-important as it would let u understand what kind of finance we are dealing with, as well as how to really stand out as a leader and to promote our events in a single day!!

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