Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to zhU!

Hey everybody it's zhU's birthday! Happy 18th Birthday to Siah Wanling, the girl who characterises the use of "FO ZHU BO BI".

May you grow in wisdom and compassion and may you always abide in peace and happiness, under the guidance of the Triple Gems. Also, may you grow in length, if possible. If not it's ok. lastly, we hope that you will out your Hainan Island dancing skills into good use with the youth group for Vesak Day. If you feel lost in Singapore, you can find Jianyong, who is the closest to a Hainan Islander you can find in Ruby Lane.

The original Ah Lian of SBM (probably the second closest is Andrina).

But really, may you and your loved ones be well and happy, always!

Buddha bless you!

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