Monday, June 29, 2009

A Post Long Over Due

This post is long overdue!

From Raymond:

First of all, want to thank everyone who helped out in the camp, making the camp a successful one, and the children enjoying the camp.

I would like to thank Vicky who is in charge of the kitchen, and a few who help out (Zequi, Pearly, Hangqi … …) and appreciate the sacrifices of sleep for making the mashed potato.

For games, want to thank yeow chong for coming up with the games. Keith, Ernest and everyone who facilitates the games when the game master wasn’t around.

The gls(BIC students: Su Hiang, Hazel, Amanda, Yanye, Wenshi and Javier), who has been taking care of the children, keeping themselves energetic, although it is tiring and need lots of patience to take care of them. Especially like Joel who needs more attention. Hope that you have learnt something from this experience.

Last but not least, Zeming ad Shixiong who has been stepping in to help, although the committee should be doing their work but only Juulia is.

To conclude, like to thank everyone who has been a support to this camp. Despite the disappointments, the committee have learnt something and vowed to improve for the next camp.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

From Juulia:

The organizing committee had a lot , and saying a lot might even be an understatement, of trouble getting this camp as much off the ground as we did. The entire team , myself included, should have worked more closely to make this camp possible. Instead we ended up becoming separate entities doing our own things and getting very little done in the few meetings we did have together. The past is the past however and unchangeable. I hope we can all grow from this experience and learn not to repeat our mistakes. Like Alvin said at one point during camp, we have to learn not to reply on Zeming and Shi Xiong when it comes to getting what needs to be done … done.

That being said let me begin my thanks! Words alone can not express how grateful I am to everyone who helped make camp PTF possible! I'm sending ray after ray of Metta in each of your directions! A special thanks to the BIC people who acted as our Gls. As Raymond said in his letter, some of the campers weren't that easy to handle but you guys did a great job and the kids really enjoy themselves and the parents are equally happy.

Every single one of the campers parents let me know how much their children enjoyed the camp be it via phone, email, or in person so please give yourselves a pat on the back. We might need to work on our team work, and we might need to work on our efficiency but at least we were able to provide a happy camp memory for all those who attended.

I don't feel this camp was a 'disappointment' but rather an opportunity we failed to take full advantage of. In the future, let us try to work together towards a common goal. Then and only then can we really say to ourselves "I did the best possible job I could."

Thank You with Love, Juulia

PS - Zeming I keep forgetting to get the photos from you! And Zhenyu can you pass me the video? Thank you ;D

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