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Youth Executive Committee 2009/2010

The Executive Committee of Singapore Buddhist Mission (Youth) 2009/2010 has been announced at our Youth General Meeting on 27th June.

PRESIDENT: Kwek Zeming
Age: 25
Tel: 94888903

Zeming or more affectionately known as Ming Ming, is currently a doctorate student in NUS Bioengineering. Despite his heavy background in science and engineering, his passion remains at photography and filmmaking. He comes from a strong Buddhist background and strongly appreciates the relevance of the Buddha's teachings in our modern world of science and technology. Zeming is a true child of the Mission, having been attending SBM's activities since he was 5 years old.

Age: 24
Tel: 97599802

Shi Xiong or more affectionately known as Brother Bear is a final year student at NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information, specialising in Broadcast & Cinema Studies. His passion is fimmaking and his greatest ambition is to someday make an epic movie on the life of the Buddha. As a Theravadan Buddhist, Shi Xiong also finds great comfort and strength in the compassion of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. His Buddhist name is Raja, meaning 'King'.

Age: 25
Tel: 97986072

Alvin or more affectionately known as Bird, is currently reading Sociology in NTU School of Humanities & Social Sciences. A trained outdoor specialist, Alvin is also a catalyst for many of the group's outdoor activities, like camps and sports games, and is always pioneering in the way he conducts Buddhist youth activities. Alvin hopes to eventually become a business entrepreneur with a strong conscious for the society. His Buddhist name is Vappa, after one of the first five disciples of the Buddha.

Age: 21

Vincent, or more affectionately known as Ah Du/Zhenglin is currently serving the nation in the Repubic of Singapore Air Force. He will be reading aeronautical engineering in NTU come 2010. Soft-spoken yet confident, Vincent is the rock of the youth group, working hard behind the scenes for many of the group's events, but never eager to take the limelight. His humility is very much appreciated in the youth group, just like the way his washboard abs is very much the envy of many boys. His Buddhist name is Ananda, the very name of the Buddhist arahant he very much admire.

Age: 24

A self-assured and compassionate young lady, Amy is working as a banker in a foreign bank based in Singapore. Having hailed from neighbouring Malaysia, Amy is glad to have found so many young and outgoing spiritual friends here in SBM, making her stay in Singapore enjoyable and pleasant and her spiritual path, fruitful. A devout Buddhist, Amy is a strong proponent of love and compassion, evident from her mannerism in working with people.

Age: 24

Zekui is working as a researcher at a local science and technological research agency. Despite being a soft-spoken girl, Zekui is an avid marathon runner and can run faster and longer than many of the guys here in SBM. Rumours has it that she has won thousand of dollars for coming first in a local marathon event, but she has since denied it. Zekui comes from a family with a strong Buddhist background. Her siblings, Zeming and Zeyan, also serves in the youth committee. Zekui has strong faith in the Buddha and his teachings, as can be seen from her practice of metta and karuna in her daily life.

Age: 22

Zeyan is currently reading nursing in Australia's Griffith University and will return to Singapore to work as a nurse come July. Affectionately known as Missy Kwek, Zeyan is a dedicated and firm supporter of the Buddhist Mission, who works hard behind the scene yet never failing to volunteer for more. A loud and outspoken girl, Zeyan is one you can go for a good laugh over the simplest things in life. She is also the baby of the Kwek family.

SECRETARY: Juulia KarlstedAge: 19

Juulia comes from Finland but has been staying in Singapore for the past 4 years. She has lived her entire life on the road, having took up residencies in India, Thailand, the United States and now, the Lion City. An avid singer and actress, Juulia has been at the forefront of various youth performances and is well-known for her beautiful voice. But do not be fooled by the above picture, Juulia is a blonde who enjoys blonde jokes and is waiting for university to start.

Age: 20

Pearly Sim is currently working as a Human Resource Executive in a local security company. Despite her petitie size, Pearly is a motivated member of the youth group known for her fiesty and outgoing nature, so much so a Buddhist friend from Malaysia has even nicknamed her 'Little Chili Padi' during CAMP LIONS. Pearly enjoys photography and art and finds immense solace and affinity with Avalokistesvara Bodhisattva.

Age: 21

Ernest Lai is currently serving in the Army and will be reading bio-science in NTU come 2010. He has a great enthusiasm in life and his happy-go-lucky attitude rubs off much optimism in the people around him. He is well-like by many people because of his genuine personality and his ability to not let himself restrain by the expectations of other people. Ernest enjoys rock music and plays the bass for the Buddhist rock band, Reaching Jhana. His Buddhist name is Paduma, which means 'lotus' and is also the name of one of the 24 Buddhas in the Theravadan suttas.

Age: 20

Victor or more affectionately known as Vicky, is one half of our resident madcapping duo (the other being Ernest). A highly energetic and creative young man, Vicky is well known for his wisecracks and wits that never fail to liven up the mood. Well-versed with words, Vicky is also a poet and a music enthusiast who enjoys composing music and writing songs. He is the lead guitarist for Reaching Jhana and is the chief composer for many of the band's music. he hopes that his music can inspire and give hope to many people. Vicky is also well-known for his culinary skills, with his salty noodles and ketchup nuggets being cult favourites. His Buddhist name is Khanti, meaning 'patience'.

Age: 21

Fangrui is more affectionately known as Mao Mao, which literally means 'Hairy' for obvious reasons. A regular in the Republic of Singapore Air Force, Mao Mao is not only a patriot, but a strong supporter of the youth group. A backstage performer who work tirelessly behind the scenes without the need for recognition, Mao Mao is also dependable when it comes for the need of discipline. No nonsense yet soft-hearted, Mao Mao is a strong admirer of the Buddhist teachings and its relevance in the real world.

Age: 18

Zhenyu is currently a final year student in studying Digital Audio & Video Production in ITE. An avid filmmaker, Zhenyu's interest in tv and film production has seen him took up a stint with a local production company, which further strengthens his resolve to work in the industry. Well-like in the Buddhist group for being yet another silent yet industrious worker, Zhenyu is the man behind some of the audio and video works here in the youth group. A young man with strong devotion to the Buddha and firm compassion in his heart, Zhenyu's Buddhist name is Wisuddha.

Age: 18

Mabel (or Marbles) is currently a second year student at Raffles Junior College. As a devout Buddhist, she believes strongly that Buddhists should actively apply the teachings of the Buddha in our day to day life. A socially conscious young lady, Mabel is active in community service work, where she is constantly guided by the Buddha's wisdom in letting her love and compassion flow. Mabel hopes to become a speech therapist where she hope she can play an active part in giving back to the society that grooms her and help those in need. Her Buddhist name is Visakha, after the devout and compassionate lay woman disciple of the Lord Buddha.

Age: 18

Wanling is the House Captain of Moggallana, the very house that saw her growth as a young girl into a teenager today. A financial business student in Temasek Polytechnic, Wanling is well-like in the youth group for her jovial and friendly attitude to the people around her, and for always saying the wrong things at the wrong time, contributing funniest home video moments after moments. Wanling finds solace in the Lord Buddha and her favourite phrase is 'Buddha poppi', which means 'Buddha bless you' in Hokkien. Her Buddhist name is Kusala, which means 'meritorious'.

Age: 20

Pearson is the House Captain of Ananda House and is also currently a junior officer in the Singapore Police Force. Passionate and enthusiastic, Pearson has been a valuable member of the youth group with his contributions a a volunteer, despite being busy with fighting crimes. An avid musician, Pearson is also an active member of the drumming circle in Singapore and is currently the drummer for the Buddhist rock band, Reaching Jhana. Pearson hopes to inspire more young people into leading a righteous and happy Buddhist life.

Age: 18

Raymond has been with the youth group since he was 13 and today, he is a senior youth member and is currently studying engineering at Republic Polytechnic. An avid performer, Raymond enjoys singing and is also a member of a local acapella group. He loves to laugh and get himself crazy and is the group's resident unglam poser. Raymond has a lot of faith in the Buddha's teachings and is continually seeking to improve his Dhamma knowledge and his cultivation as a lay Buddhist. He hopes to work in the entertainment industry when he grows up.

Age: 19

Kevin arrives in Singapore from Penang a year ago to pursue his education here in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. A fitness nut, Kevin participates actively in dragon boating and has recently led his team to the championship. Kevin is also a devout Buddhist who firmly believes in leading his life in accordance to the teachings and guidance of the Buddha. He hopes to do well in his studies and continue his university education here in Singapore. The greatest love and concern in his life is his parents in Malaysia, whom he feels indebted to for bringing him up into the man he is today. Kevin's Buddhist name is Khemananda.

Age: 18

Xinyi has had a strong Buddhist education, having attended sunday classes for more than ten years. With her strong faith, Xiny has been a dedicated youth member here at SBM, serving with compassion and enthusiasm. She has waited for a long time to join the group, having participated with youth acitivites since she was 13, but only joining as a member after her O-levels. Currently, she is studying Early Childhood Education at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and she hopes to work with children after her graduation. She also enjoys a good game of volleyball and despite her demure appearances, does not shriek at the bruises from the game.

Age: 20

Kaiwen is currently a final year student at Republic Polytechnic, specializing in animation and gaming. Despite his busy schedule rushing for his FYP, Kaiwen finds meaning in serving the youth group. With Camp Ehi-Passiko being an important event in the youth calender, Kaiwen is confident that he will be able to deliver his best for the camp, while juggling with other commitments in his life. A smart and inquisitive young man, Kaiwen's analytical mind finds peace and harmony within the teachings of the Buddha, thus convincing himself of a devout Buddhist lifestyle.

Age: 18

Chenxin or Sincere describes herself as crazy and insane. An Early Childhood Education student at Ngee Ann Poytechnic, Chenxin loves children and hopes to work with them when she grows up. Chenxin also appreciates how she can find peace within the Dhamma and how Buddhism can be relevant to her life. A sociable and energetic young lady, Chenxin enjoys outdoor activities and campings and hopes her enthusiasm for the sun and the rain will bring happiness to the people around her.

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