Thursday, June 11, 2009


The inaugural CAMP LIONS is the first time the Buddhist youth community in Singapore organise a camp for all the youth leaders to come together to interact, learn and grow.

I am glad it is a success, though this is one of the few camps that I actually took a real back seat from, functioning mainly as the taxi driver, bed warmer and ghost story-teller. While recognising that are still room for improvement, we can and should confidently tell ourselves that we have really done a job well done.

There were many highlights from the camp for myself, but I was struck most to have received notes from the Mong Girls, who, together with the realms will always have a special place in my heart as "woeful but wonderful".

What is also warming is to see all the 'old fogeys' again, as we all come from different Buddhist groups to work together for the camp, leaving another memorable mark in our journey as spiritual friends in this long path of life.

What is however most important is that YOU, young and upcoming Buddhist youth leaders will emerge out of the camp, confident to lead and inspire, with love, compassion and wisdom. Ultimately, may YOU be steadfast in YOUR precepts, upright and lion-hearted at the winds blowing from all direction. Just like a lion, not startled at sounds.

As for those who have missed the camp due to your exams, fret not, you are all important to us too. Now lets get back to work and continue to build up and develop the Singapore Buddhist Mission. I can't do this alone, nor with just the 'oldies'. We can only do this together with YOU.

- Brother Bear

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