Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's Up?

My dear friends, now that CAMP LIONS have come to an end, we still have 2 upcoming events for June.

Many of you have missed CAMP LIONS due to the exams but fret not. First, we have the Pre-Teens Fellowship Camp from 18th to 20th of June at Camp Christine! We would need volunteers like you to come, play with the kids and have a good rest yourself too! As it would be a kids camp, it would not be as demanding as draining so everyone can take this camp as a good time to rest, catch up with friends and enjoy Camp Christine without the usual stress of Camp Ehi-Passiko!

Next up will be Leisure Camp! It will happen on 20th to 21st of June at Camp Christine. There will be two lodges, one of which would be used by PTF and the other for ourselves. You can come and play games, catch-up, BBQ and take a good breather after a good work done in the past 6 months. This is also a good acknowledgement and reward we are giving to the youth group for all their hard work for the group. Lodging expenses fully paid, except for food.

So do be encouraged to come and do inform the main committee if you are coming.

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