Sunday, July 5, 2009

Inter faith dialogue - Faith and Racial Harmony

On Saturday, 7 Youth members from SBM participated in an interfaith dialogue at Ren Ci Hospital. It was organised by South West CDC and Buddhist Fellowship.

Mr Matthias, Guest of Honour

Angie Monksfield representing the Buddhist community

There were a total of 5 faiths. Namely, Taoist, Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist

It was a very fruitful session at the interfaith dialogue. It was a new and enlightening experience for me. It gave us a chance to place ourselves into the shoes of other faiths. A Christian from Poland shared with us his views on multi-religious faith. He feels that we are all seekers of Truth and just like our palms, each religion is represented by a finger. As followers of each religion walk the spiritual path, they will finaly converge at the center of the palm. It was an insightful analogy. We are all seekers of Truth, the Truth of happiness, free from craving and dissatisfaction. The Buddha too was a seeker of Truth and he found it.
Lastly, from a Christian perspective (Not representing the community), he felt that there is so much about his faith that he has yet to experience. He should worry about his own salvation first before attempting to save others. Similarly, we Buddhist should walk the path ourselves. We have the power and wisdom to save ourselves from unhappiness, anger, anxiety, craving, lust and ignorance. Before we think of liberating others from suffering, we should walk the talk and liberate ourselves from suffering.

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