Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Viriya Ultimate Sports Camp 2009 - The Details

Dear Sporting Personalities in SBM Youth!

I'm proud to announce that the response for this year's USC has been overwhelming and we have closed the registration at 25 instead of the predicted 20!

However, we need to give u, the registered participants, a full rundown of what to bring and where to meet for USC 2009!

Here are the things that you need to have for USC 2009

What should be on your body:
- 1 track shirt (can be running jersey or drifit shirt)
- 1 running shorts (cos we are running and running in beach shorts ain't cool..)
- 1 pair of running shoes
- 1 swimming attire (it should act as your undergarment, cos we are swimming)

What you should bring along:
- 1 easy-to-carry bag. please don't bring too big a bag. u're gonna suffer if u bring too big.
- 1 towel. for cleaning body and sand off esp. after sentosa and drying sweat)
- 1 extra shirt
- 1 water bottle
- 1 pair of undergarments

Optional Items- 1 bath foam (during bath u might want to smell better.)

And here's the reporting time and Venue for the Ultimate Sports Camp 2009!

Time to meet: 0830
(Special Note: Do not be late, or not, you would have to pay back the amount that you are late by physical exercise led by myself!)
Place to meet: Harbourfront MRT Station

I suggest participants should meet each other before coming to avoid latecoming. Sorry but this camp's time tolerance is low. :) so please do abide by the timings and give respect to this Camp.

Now please check the facebook account named Ultimate Sports Camp 2009 for more details!
On behalf of the two-man planning committee, we welcome you to sports camp and please ensure u have ample rest and hydration before you come!

Good luck for the Right Effort!

Note: For members who have not registered for this event, do check back at this blog for further details! We have something planned for you!

Cheng Shing and Alvin
Camp Commandants
Viriya USC 2009

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