Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hey guys, have you heard about what happened in Taiwan?
It's just so scary, I cried while watching the news.
You see the building that collapsed.
You see the rain wash off the building.

You see how people suffered.
Another scene was farmers were throwing away the corpse of chicken.
You know how many lives were there?

People are losing their loved one.
They are suffocating, suffering, facing anxiety.
Furthermore, it was their Father's day.
And yet, people are losing fathers.
They don't even know if their father is still alived.

What we can do now, is to pray hard for them.
If there is any community involvement,
let's go for it and try to reach out to them in a way.

I hope the whole thing would end soon.

Let's pray hard alright,
and wished those who had passed on,
to be able to be reborn in a better realm.


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