Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Message from Venerable K. Dhammika

We are very blessed to have such as kind and compassionate as Venerable K. Dhammika, as our Resident Religious Advisor, Chief Resident Monk and the Preceptor to many of the youths here in Singapore Buddhist Mission.

He has a message to all the youths in SBM here:

A bird needs two wings to fly properly. You need to develop both your head and heart in order to become a successful noble human being.

If you develop only the qualities of the heart ignoring your brain, you will be a virtuous, kind hearted, good man. But the others may take advantage on you.

On the other hand if you develop only your brain, you will be very intelligent, cleaver and cunning. Since you don't know the value of human qualities you will not hesitate to do any kind of crime. You will not care about otehr people. You are ready to do anything to get what you want.

Why do you need a religion? Man is a living being who has got a mind which can be developed either in positive or negative way. Buddhism guides you to develop this mental power in proper way so as to become noble, peace loving, intelligent human beings.

A plant needs sunshine, water, good soil and necessary conditions to grow into a healthy strong tree. The SBM youth group provides necessary conditions and create suitable surroundings for Singapore youths to develop spiritually with right vision and correct understanding.

Just like parents are happy to see the growing of their children I am very happy to see the great success that the youth wing has achieved. It is a great pleasure to see the team, which started with eight members, has increased to ninety members at the moment.

The first step you took with noble intention and courage made you tread a long way overcoming its barriers and passing the milestones of success. Among many successful Dhamma activities the youth wing has left, I appreciated a lot the Dhamma camps and interactive programs with other youth teams in Singapore. These kinds of programs help to develop spiritual life as well as enhance friendship, right understanding, unity and brotherhood among various Buddhist youth communities.

You have inherited a rich Buddhist culture which is more than two thousand five hundred years old. Enriched with that rich culture, realizing modern youth trends and needs, you can be creative and lead the youth in the twentieth century in order to become perfect noble human beings.

Eventually this Dhamma will disappear from the world. There will be a time when nobody will know the path to get out of this immense suffering. Rare is the life of a human being. Fortunate are you to have come across the teachings of the Buddha.

Dhamma is the Light of Wisdom. It is the True Knowledge of Vision. Dhamma is the Cure for all Suffering. It is the unique Path for one's freedom.

Practise the Dhamma whenever and wherever possible. Refrain from evil. Cultivate good. Purify your thoughts. You will move from dark to light. You will go from light to light.

May the members of the youth group have mental and physical strength and power to work for the well beings and happiness of multitude. May you all be well and happy!

Venerable K. Dhammika

Religious Adviser

Singapore Buddhist Mission

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