Sunday, August 16, 2009

Misconceptions on Dhamma

Firstly, Dhamma as we understand is the Buddha's teachings in the Suttas. But at a different level, the Dhamma is everywhere and ever present waiting to be realised by you and me. You can see the Dhamma everywhere in nature, in ur work place, school life, army life, home, along the MRT and most certainly at SBM.

The Buddha saw common events in life - old age, sickness and death - and questioned its significance and causes. After years of searching, reflecting and understanding, he managed to answer his question of the big WHY. WHY is the cause of this 'happening'. Hence its not about "if you cant find Dhamma here..." or "There is no more Dhamma here..." its whether you are willing to take a step back and question, reflect and find your answers in the truth and meaning behind any phenomenon.

Secondly, SBM is blessed to have Dr Annurudha as our Chief Religious advisor. Those who have attended his talk yesterday can see that his explaination of the Dhamma can be simple or extensive. He is literally a walking Tipitaka. We also are blessed with Venerable Bodhi to be our youth advisor. Bhante Dhammika is also always at SBM ready to answer any of your questions. There is such an immense wealth of Dhamma knowlegde here for us to learn and grow.

Hence, its is very irresponsible to say that "I cant find Dhamma here...". Dhamma does not come to you. Its up to every individual to learn and question and seek counsel from our advisors. In order to learn and grow in character and spirituality, we must be proactive to approach our advisors.

Please if you do hear anyone speaking or uttering such statements please do clarify with them and guide them from the misconceptions of Dhamma.

Lastly, these are the reminders from our resident religious advisor Ven K. Dhammika.

"Dhamma is the Light of Wisdom. It is the True Knowledge of Vision. Dhamma is the Cure for all Suffering. It is the unique Path for one's freedom.

Practise the Dhamma whenever and wherever possible. Refrain from evil. Cultivate good. Purify your thoughts. You will move from dark to light. You will go from light to light."


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