Friday, September 25, 2009

Bonding Camp Sept '09

It was the September school holidays and poly students had their break. Our dearest camp master and camp mistress (shown below) organised a bonding camp to catch up with the members as well as take a break from all the "mugging" (known as burying your head in books).

The activity was organised well and it was held at Pulau Ubin followed by dinner at Changi beach. We started off the day at SBM with morning prayers together with Bhante Dhammika. The participants were split into 4 groups and they were supposed to find their way to Changi Jetty in 1 and half hours (breakfast included).

Finally when they reached the Jetty, only one group reached on time.

To our expectations, all the groups arived at different timings and took different routes. Some did not have breakfast. The last group was 24 mins later than the first group. We had a mini debrief session. The objective of the mini game was to see if they had the slightest intention of sharing information and work together as a big group. Naturally, the competitive instincts of human kicked in and all started parting their own ways. Had they shared information or ASKED for information, they would all have had breakfast and reached together on time.
As a result, the whole group including the organisers had to perform jumping jacks as a punishment.

We departed to ubin in two boats. Yuanyi was in the other boat and please you load the other pictures! =).

As usual, Camera-whoring time.

The guys rented these bikes which was ancient in design.

I have no idea how come pearson's seat was off the bike, but it was a funny sight.
He seems to enjoy it.

From here on, apologise for the blured pictures due to some prints or sweat on the lens.... Kaiwen!! lol!

They really had a nice day!

The trip back was pretty with the evening sun and partially cloudy skies.

After a long day...

It was the second time in my life stepping into ubin. Though I did not followed the rest into the beach, it felt really refreshing to be out of Singapore island. The trees, sand, dirt path, Kampong style houses and laid-back environment can nolonger be found in the main land. Yet still, it was a great day! Thank Kaiwen and Cherng Xin for organising the activity.

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