Sunday, September 20, 2009

In Memory of our Dearest Brother

It's been exactly a year since our friend, brother and love one Liwei passed away. When I recalled, I cant help to recall the happy moments in our lives that we have shared with him. I clearly remember Shixiong posting a youtube video of a song called "Fen Xiang". When I saw it a year ago, I couldn't help tearing while recalling happy moments spent with all my friends including Liwei.
Taking a picture of sentosa with brothers

Vesak celebrations

I'm sure all of us who have known him would have happy moments to recall. It is indeed painful to know that a friend has left us. However as the years go by and as we mature, we learn to deal with the pain in our own ways guided by the Triple Gems. The pain will fade but the memories and wonderful experience of being with a good friend or Kalyana Mitta remains.

His departure may be abrupt and premature, however as Buddhist, we believe that this is not the only life time that we have been friends. All of us have been through countless cycles of Birth and Death and have been a father, mother, husband, wife, brother, sister and relative to each other before. Our journey does not end here. This is the beginning to an end. Having such an understanding and thought, we should continue to do good and avoid evil in our lives and future lives until we attain the supreme bliss of Nibbanna.

Until then, lets continue to treasure all our loved ones. Treat everyone with love and respect. Shelter one another with care and concern. Be mindful of our thoughts, speech and action for we may not know if we would live in regret hurting our loved ones.

Liwei, you have been a good friend and we wish you happiness and joy whereever you are. May we have the honour to strive together with you towards a common goal of Nibannic Bliss.

This is the song that I have sung since the first camp in 1996. Lovely, lyrics and tune.

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