Friday, September 11, 2009

Midnight Madness

The clock's ticking, like a time bomb twitching,
the head's spinning, like a top bent on winning,
the silence deafening, the night heat scorching,
the only solace is the assignment's finished.

i would tune into this blog as and when i finished my assignments and would be glad to find new reads along the way.
So i thought maybe i should just share something.
The final year in university hasn't been a bed of roses, instead, the intensity to fulfill the demands of the final year project is really high, with the constant need for approvals and the numerous setbacks when your professor rejects your proposal. But then again, this is part and parcel of the life of a young singaporean, willing to fight his way out for a better future.

The few things that i picked up along the way of this final year remains mundane; i am able to cook fried rice, long beans, black sauce potato and chicken for myself, so that i do not go to the canteens to have too much packed food which i have been having for the past 3 years. It gets a bit disgusting to eat the same food over and over again. I am also able to take part in sports games just like how i loved it before in Hall 6, cos of the constant work and study, i wasnt able to enjoy what a wonderful experience in playing with your hostel mates can be. So now, i will take this opportunity to do it. Well, this is part and parcel of the life of a young Singaporean, not willing to sacrifice the good times lest he regrets it.

Every time whenever i am free, i will think of CEP. ha. I mean, lord knows why. But i just feel that Ehi-Passiko or LIONS, can really give me a breather from the usual 9-5, and the usual schedule. So i'm really looking forward to CEP again, this time, with you guys at the helm.
Sports Camp was nice, and yes Zeming if you are reading this, you still owe us the singlets hah.
And i just happened to see the Malaysian counterparts in YBAM and SJBAYs having a good time with their inter-group sports games. They have tug of war, captain's ball, basketball (in an indoor court some more), and many others. Well, i really wished one day we can send a team of powerful players to challenge them for honours. what say you people? Game for it? After all, this is part and parcel of a young singaporean, always wanting to relieve himself from the daily stressful schedule to take part in meaningful activities.

I think that's gonna be the end of my ramblings for now. share with you guys more in the future. Well, with this note, lets all hope that more people will have personal notes posted up here too!


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