Thursday, September 10, 2009

Until today, I can vividly remember the lines of my character back in 2007.
I loved drama, and I still do. I fought my way into LD back in 2004.

It was the fun of taking up another character; to understand every single nuance and habit of that persona; to learn to speak like that him; act like him, laugh like him; become him once you step onto the stage that echoes a need to be filled with life.

But I've never been an outstanding actor in my 4 years of being in LD.

Thinking back, I realised why. It was the struggle to let go of the "me, I and myself" that held me back, that restricted me from taking the character of another fully, just for that 20 minutes.

To be honest if I stepped on stage once again, to do that play once more, I'm not sure if I'd be able to let go of that ginormous huge ego and attachment to self, but I'd love to try.

Then again, life's a stage, or at least many say so.
Time to learn to let go, pursue, make mistakes, learn.

& I aspire to.

=] Mabel

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