Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The weekly ramblings.

Just yesterday i was at this election rally where lots of freshmen and seniors in my hostel alike vie for top positions in one of the best halls in NTU, maybe even the best hall, in Hall 6.

The questions were rapid-fire, and i was the main cannon behind this barrage of fire, with my questioning bugging their very existence at the other end of the table as they shifted uneasily to the well-thought questions which would dig deep into how much they want this position that they are fighting for.

I believe most of you in your polytechnic or Junior College years would have gone through this election period where you would plead for every vote, or even in some cases, walk into the position due to non-competition, a wee bit similar to SBM Youth's structure.

19 of the hostel's brightest people stood up and withstood more than 100 questions on the night, and that spells the importance of integrity, loyalty and responsibility and the pressure to perform. I'm glad that reading Xiong's blog has also confirmed my feelings, especially after USC, that u guys have definitely grown as time catches up with you too. All of you look longer, taller, fitter, fatter and definitely more mature, knowing the circumstances you people are facing in the group, and let's all remember our positions and carry on with the tradition to keep things going in the group.

I am currently formulating a 3-part series training just to cater to you people to experience and feel human relationships and management of emotions. this might be able to help you express better in the future, and from then on, hopefully it opens up the positive juices in you and let it spread towards our campers in CEP this year.

remember, we would love for more new blood, and more people to join in this strongly bonded family we have, and by having positive human relationships, it helps us to understand the needs of people abit more, thereby making you people better captains, members and seniors.

I recently popped by my gf's friend's birthday party, happened to be CHC people, and i must say they have been welcoming and their branch of music ministry had two ladies and 2 guitarists playing jazz! its cool and the amount of people, amounting to 40, is but just one cell group in the many they have. What hit home was the way they are willing to share music, the way they greet each other with their megawatt smiles, their sincere concerns for each other and the way in which they are able to converse. U see, what surprised me was, we are doing the same things as they are, and really, execpt for a few elements we need to pick up along the way, we should be able to reach the level at which we understand certain importance in the elements mentioned.

Oh yes, i managed to take a look at Jun Keat's facebook profile, one of our campers at CAMP L.I.O.N.S and he was covering the Inter Buddhist Youth Group Sports Festival in Malaysia. You see it takes two nations to actually click together to support each other in many ways. They have come to CAMP L.I.O.N.S and we haven't sort of responded well both in the International Buddhist Meetings they are holding as well as this Sports Festival. I figured for a start, and looking at their quality of games and a fantastic looking indoor basketball courts where our bball junkies like Hanqi, Mao would have loved to lay their hands on, and captains' ball where i would imagine andrina, chengshing and yinghui clawing and scratching their way through to just get to the ball, i feel that we, SBM Youth, are actually able to field a substantially challenging contingent to Malaysia and let them have a bit of TEAM Singapore (Of course we have also their Penang import in you-know-who in our group.. and one from india). Shall we respond to their calls once the next sports expose comes from them?

Let's go TEAM SBM.
Just my weekly ramblings to keep you guys going for the week.


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