Thursday, September 17, 2009

I mug a lot a lot, more than a lot of people do and I've been posed questions by people like Wenshi, Sara, Lijia and a few others.
a) How do I withstand sitting there for hours doing work
b) How do I handle a number of commitments at one time while not putting my academics at risk

I have to admit that studying can get boring and sometimes I can get frustrated over the fact that the subjects I'm taking are purely for the sake of getting into University; that I wouldn't be using most of them for the later part of my life once A's have ended.

But think of it this way- we're in Singapore, to achieve our dreams, we have to be realistic and pragmatic. The only easy entry we are able to gain to the course of our aspiration is a certificate that says well about how we perform in the halls racking our brains, scribbling like there's no tomorrow.

I told them that, my motivation behind this mega mugging madness is my aspiration to be a speech therapist, hence I work hard for it. Of course, not everyone would have found theirs, but one day you will and when you do, don't regret that you've not worked hard enough that costs you your dream. Work hard for this incoming dream =]

And mugging tips-

set objectives for the day.
eg. I want to finish 4 papers today.

At the end of every paper, reward yourself with something small, like a cookie, a cup of smoothie, or just a walk to relax yourself before tackling. However, set a time to how much time you're going to take to do this, otherwise a smoothie can take the day to finish.

Meditate- this is subject to personal preferences

You don't have to sit down and meditate for an hour or what, just take 15 minutes a day, sit down and watch your breath.

Personally, meditation has helped me to concentrate a lot more than I was able to in the past and it does help with energy boosting- like a power nap.

Even before examinations, when you're having panic attacks, I watch my breath to calm myself down before the tackling of the papers.

And if you're prone to panic attacks, avoid caffeine =]

Do some sports - again subject to personal preferences
Do a little jumping, bouncing jogging, because exercise helps your body to rest itself better when you sleep, hence rejuvenating you in the preparation for the next day!

Also, sports helps to destress because of the happy chemicals it induces your brains to produce. Keeps away the fats from the eating during mugging too!

Sleep well- the worst time to turn nocturnal is during exams, or anytime in fact and don't do that, even in the name of mugging.

Sleeping is the time in which your brain absorbs all the information that you've taken in for the day as well as help you memorise all that you need to. Without sleep = no effective work done.
And your different body parts take different parts of the night to detox itself, hence, sleep through the night!

Exams are in the day, not at night, switching your biological clock from nocturnal to the opposite can have some withdrawal syndromes, but it's really important!

Know your fundamentals
if you haven't listened in lessons, make sure you're solid hard on your fundamentals first before you start to do practice, being unable to do them makes one more demoralised and abhor mugging even more. Slowly, being able to tackle them one by one, even the more challenging ones will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction that makes you begin to like mugging a little more =]

Manage your time well - procrastination steals a lot a lot a lot of time from you. It kidnaps time without you knowing.

If you have tasks on hand, never never procrastinate; when you do, things pile up and you end up stressing yourself up. If you're really unable to complete something by the deadline, talk to your school teacher/ whoever you're supposed to account to and ask for an extension in advance. They're not spartas, they will give you an extension if you voice it out to them. Meanwhile, review your commitments and decide.

Remember to slack
Take a break once in a while, go for a movie with your friends, chill and catch up with life. I do it around once in a fortnight. =]

yup yup, and I shall go back to mug.
Good luck for all your exams! =D

Mabel the Mega Mugger.

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