Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Geepee ramblings

As I was revising for my paper tomorrow, I was reading up on the effectiveness of foreign aid in countries such as Africa.

Over the many many years, so much money and effort has been put into the African community and little progress has been seen out of these aids.

And then we see all the people from all around the world in support of foreign aid, campaigning and asking for donations.

Normally I'd give to a person asking for donations that are directed to developing countries. Now, I think- if the aid doesn't do them help effectively, would it be wise to donate nonetheless?
(meanwhile i ran out of the room for 10 minutes cos a butterfly flew in)

But anyway, would you? I've yet to reach a conclusion, but when I do I'll update. It's just something to think about, related to drawing a delicate balance between compassion and wisdom.

And, it's been argued that Africa is unable to progress to this day because of the reluctance of its government to open up it's economy, which led me to draw a parallel to us, as individuals.

Sometimes, we refuse help and assistance in times of need, and we are unwilling to open our hearts to others' suggestions and views. Perhaps that's why, sometimes, people never grow, emotionally or in terms of their wisdom, just like how Africa's economy can't grow.

opening our hearts = kai xin= happy.

To some, perhaps, this could be the simple key to happiness that we often forget so easily in our beezee buzzy lives.

Mabel the mugger who won't be mugging 20 days later. Meanwhile, I'm still mugging. =D

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