Monday, November 9, 2009


Hi guys!

its been eons since i last stepped into the pristine halls of SBM and oh my had it not been the load of my final year studies and the research that comes along with it, i would have checked out the latest that is happening in SBM.

I missed the recent happenings for Halloween and of course the Kathina day celebrations. But i'm never too late to join in for the next activity in the Camp Ehi-Passiko at my first camp location............................ LIM CHU KANG CRAB FARM! How nice can that be!

Its been an exact 10 years ago i smelt tons of crab and dog odour at the familiar grounds! I can only tell u that the place brings about much much more surprises than it would ever have, and i'm glad Generation Y Leaders are going to lead this camp in!

The best thing was the last camp master and vice camp was Zeming and Amanda, and this time for SBM, we have Kaiwen and Cheng Shing, similar gender combination. I guess what is going to be better is the availability of a bigger hall for a camp. The grounds are a bit better than before, but oh my the nostalgia of that place sure brings back memories.

I wonder whether this energy for CEP is coming again for you guys? For me it certainly is. The campfire in between all the fish ponds, the games all around the farm. the war game that was the real war game.. and yes, the night walk. I'm certainly hoping everyone whose commitments forbade them to come to SBM, to come to this camp and feel the energy a whole lot different from all the camps we once have at all other camps.

Also glad to note is the gradual academic interest in Buddhism and the spiritual commitment to practise the middle path by some of you who posted valuable reads that i would chance upon once in a while.

Well, i'm just saying i'm still glad that everything's still going around and i just wanna share a small good news with you guys:

- I'm gonna be a PE TEACHER! hahahah and an English one too.

So i'm kinda gonna learn how to really be a licensed guide for all youths in the future, regardless of race or religion.

For you people over here, i look forward to joining hands with you again to make this camp once again unforgettable for all our campers who are going to be there in our camp!

Cheers and i'll see ya at ya GL camp!
along with me i'll bring a few surprises too!

see ya!

alvin - big bird - mr yeo -

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