Saturday, December 26, 2009

110% Revival


I have been keeping tabs on people posting up photos on facebook, as well as the blog posts many of you have expressed about Camp Ehi-Passiko, and how meaningful it has been for every one of you. I must say that, having just arrived on Sunday Night, which is your day 2 for CEP, and missing the rest of the camp due to my quiet admittance to hospital for food poisoning (too much tom yam, i guess), i somehow feel that the energy from the Lim Chu Kang crab farm that i felt when i was at my first CEP at the age of 19 ( ya kinda old but never too late) has caught on to every single one of you organizers as well as campers!

What was fantastic from an outsider's point of view is this:
- 70 campers , surpassing all targets set by everyone before the camp
- 50 organizers, manpower enough to cover for nearly every 1-1 camper-facilitator ratio
- Crab Farm full of interesting terrains and games (i believe with the addition of Cherise, anyways, kudos to games team for meeting up late during one evening at Potong Pasir Macs when i walked past and through the windows saw two NS Men in Ernest and Vicky with Cherise having their meal and talking about the games. The credit for games go to u)
- The smiling faces in all the photos. In actual fact, i felt every smile was genuine.

Apologies for not being there due to my unexpected illness, and i would have really wished to be there, even at age 25, trust me. I speak for Melon too. ha.

But the again, as the new decade beckons, and amidst all the uncertainty we have all faced, conflicts to be resolved, CEP 2009 proved to me one thing:

the new generation has arrived.
I guess the sentence means everything.
Well, its definitely a new year worth for everyone to look forward to. Here are the reasons why:
- CEP 2009's success, though modest, brings about new vigour, and most importantly, new members who might want to join the SBM fold. We welcome you, along with the new year of positives!
- Mansjuri Secondary School's Buddhist Interact Club finally garnering 1st CCA reputation, and yes we needa do a camp for them!
- Camp L.i.o.n.s steps into its second coming, and roar it will.
- The 2nd Sports Camp itienary will be out soon, and i will be looking to new leaders to lead in this program! (BTW, definitely for Ian and Madeline's Sis, Ming, where are our singlets for the first one!!!!)
- Other youth groups and friends such as Bee Low See Youth and Buddhist Fellowship Youth too had their year end camps completed successfully (Shout out to the organizers, who are LIONS as well, G-Double-O-D, J-O-B!)
I feel really glad, and yes, my generation-old brothers in Ming and Xiong, thanks for the advice rendered to them during CEP 2009, i believe your support was immense to them too! Sabbhe Satta Sukhi Hontu.
Qing Gong Yan is coming, and i hope campers would all attend it? and join in the fun, together with organizers Evelyn and Eugene!
Meanwhile, i look forward to the next time i see you guys in a gathering and hopefully, put my hands into games and come out of self-imposed retirement!
Cheers and Sadhu!

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