Friday, December 25, 2009

Reflections of CEP 2009

Hi CEPians!


Yet another important chapter of 2009 has passed. This year's theme was friendship built to last. While I do hope that this friendship within SBM is one that last a lifetime, I do know that the wonderful happy memories of this 4 days 3 nights camp will indeed stick with me for life.

Having been through numerous camps, I must say that this camp at the Lim Chu Kang farm stay had been uniquely memorable and joyful. Why? The location is different, GLs played their roles well with so much love and compassion, the organisers has such wonderful chemistry with one another, many new ideas were successfully implemented, skits were so entertaining I cant stop laughing, etc (I'm sure many of you can see why).

All the SBM organising committee (GLs and camp committee) had put in so much effort to make sure that the campers will enjoy this 4 days 3 nights. Can't you feel the love and care for one another (towards campers and towards organisers)? I sincerely felt it and it moved me greatly. As such, I am deeply grateful for all of you.

Camp master and Camp mistress

I would like to thank you two for all the time and effort spent in getting your committee together and work towards a common goal. While Sincere CS was always at the front stage, Kaiwen was always working behind the scenes. They worked very well to ensure a smooth and obstacle-free camp. Ofcourse, the most lasting memory of them would be the sincerity in praying for a rain free camp! To a certain extent, it was a hilarious process =)! For more information do approach them.

Group Leaders

Group leaders have always been an important part of the organising committee. In the camp, they are the ones that has to show virtues of understanding, compassion, patience and loving-kindness. Despite how difficult the situation is, you all handled it very well. Seeing the manifestation of your care and concern through your actions bring joy to my heart. I understand its a demanding and tiring role but I'm sure it is fufilling! Thank you for your dedication.

Messing Team

My words can hardly express how impressed and touched I am by the efforts of the messing team led by Ying Hui. Through the years, for those who always wondered why the messing team cannot help other organisers or interact with campers, that is because the have no time to rest! After breakfast, its preparations for lunch, after lunch its cleanup and preparation for dinner, after dinner its supper! When will it end?

However, this year's messing team was fortunate enough to have many volunteers to share the burden and load. Thank you Ying Hui, Andrinna, Madeline, Mabel, Zekui, Pearly, Zeyan, Jowell Bearpaw, Yuanyi, Wanling, my parents, granny and all who helped.

So any volunteers for next year's messing team? I know Muah Chee has a volunteer haha.

Games and Skit team

This team has always taken the limelight due to their expressive and creative nature. The inclusion of Cherise into the team has led to vast improvements in administration which was direly lacking in years! Cherise dedication to serve the campers has led to her falling pretty ill right after campfire. Shixiong had to drive her home to have a good rest. Thank you Cherise. Ofcourse, you have the rest of the team: Ernest, Vicky, Ian, Kevin, Mao Mao (FANG RUI), Pearson, Victor, Sherman, Jian Yong, Yeow Cheong, Keith and Wah Long.

You all never fail to entertain the rest. This year, your jokes have upgraded, games have upgraded and implemented many new and important ideas which worked well inline with the theme of the camp! It was really well done!

Dhamma sessions

This year, Dhamma sessions had a revamp! Every year we are continually finding ways to improve it, constantly changing to suit to the needs of the campers. Finally there seem to be a break through. For that I'll like to thank Mabel for her suggestions and late nights with us to brainstorm for ideas. Also would like to thank Amy for her help despite not being able to attend the camp (Sorry that you cant be here girl).

Ofcourse there's brother 4 Bear who through the years brainstormed with me on ways to inspire others to learn the Dhamma. His puja powerpoint slides never fail to impress me. Did you all like the pictures?

Next year, we intent to expand the team and improve on the current model which seemed to work better. Who wants to be in the team to inspire? =).

Logistic Team

This team was led by Jian Yong and for the first time, I was not activated to buy logistic items during the planning phase!!! YAY! hahah. Thanks bro for taking the initiative to help out and contacting all the transport companies.

Administrative team

I did not personally oversee the administration of this camp but for once, they managed to collect camp fees from organisers before the camp!!! haha. Thank you Evelyn for your help despite your super ultra busy JC schedule!

Campfire ICs

Nananana nanananana! Thankfully for them, we finally have a mass dance this year! We now have a wonderfully "irritating" song that will linger around my head for a very long time! haha.

All of them had multiple roles in camp, from games to Dhamma to messing to song singing. Really impressive to see how they can switch from one role to the other and yet be high enough to lead the cheers and song singing. Thank you girls - Mabel, Andrina, Sincere CS and Madeline!

Video/Photog/AV guy

This is none other than Zhen Yu! In the past, comprise of at least 2 to 3 people, but Zhen Yu single handedly handled AV while taking photographs and videos for the camp! Three cheers for Mr Capable.

To all volunteers who I've not named, really thank you for being part of this team. These volunteers include SLY, Grace, Bro Lim from Metta Lodge and those who came on either days to help out in the respective teams! If I've not name you please forgive me and remind me! Thank you all for making it possible.

In summary, Camps are a great activity for us not only to enjoy but for us to See for Ourselves (Ehi-passiko spirit) Dhamma in action. We can see how can our efforts bear fruits of joy and happiness, we can cultivate virtues of compassion, patience and tolerances towards others, we start to understand one another and learn how to work with one another. These are the important practical lessons that CEP can give us where money can't buy.

Despite the great success of the camp, we should not be complacent and strive to improve our chracter and organising capabilities. Ultimately, in SBM we all aspire to grow and learn from one another. I believe we have successfully lined up our activity with our mission - To bring happiness to other through the Triple Gems!


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