Friday, December 25, 2009

庆功宴 2009! SBM Youth Year-End Celebration!

Hello friends!

Are you trying to relive days in camp? Do you want a gathering with your best buddies once again?
If your answer is YES, do not hesitate because Qing Gong yan (庆功宴) 2009 is here !

Our theme this time round is 当我们同在一起 and all of us, young & not-so-young, will crowd at the same tables over pots of steaming hot steamboat! How heartwarming isn't it! What's more attractive is that Qing Gong Yan 2009 is OPEN TO ALL OF YOU! Be it whether you've came for one camp or ten camps! It's the time of the year where all of us get together!

Afraid that you'll feel bored? Fret not! We have exciting programmes & games planned by Zhi Xiong & Xin Yi, awesome sound tracks you can move and groove to, gifts to be taken home, and of course photos (that you take) that will freeze these moments of laughter not only in your memory but also on facebook, scrapbook, blogs & everywhere :)

* Date & Time: 31 Dec 2009, 6pm
* Venue: SBM Back Alley
* Food: Vegetarian Steamboat! -- Choice of Tom Yam or Original Soup Base
* Come dressed like KAMPONG CHILDREN
* $10 per person (THANKYOU!:)

Itching to come down? There is one last step to take before coming: PLEASE RSVP!
Existing members please take the initiative to notify your house captains / vice captains.
For Moggallana, Wanling & Raymond. For Ananda, Pearson & Kevin.
If you cannot reach them or do not know which house you are in or are new or any other reason there's always
Eugene Tan (9322 4388) or Evelyn (9380 1866)

Please include your name & what soup you want :D We'll be more than glad to receive more ideas for this event too!

Note: EVERYONE coming is to be dressed like Kampong Children (Be creative! :D)
Note: Vacancies stand at 40 currently so PLEASE RSVP ASAP or by 26 Dec 2009! :D See you there!

With metta,
Evelyn, On behalf of Eugene

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