Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Time of Our Lives

Staying up late, 2am BBQ supper, seeing the moon twice, Ian and Ernest happy time, mahjong mania, TCSS till 4 am, riding the grass slide, YY's anatomy book, beach frisbee, drifting on the trolley, mi jiang kueh, cookiemomo monster, driving to cheers to get fire starters, realising we didn't need it, riding the grass slide again, 6am joyride in sx's car, nasi lemak, pearson nearly driving into a drain, buying breakfast, lucky draw, cleaning up, watching the sunset, taking photos, watching okto, singing songs, making bun videos, YC's magic show, morning walk, watching sunrise, waking up late, bathing, not bathing, psp-ing, talking about politics, cracking jokes, not sleeping, Huien's superyummy cookies, dirty clothes, going to IKEA, having fun...

Hope you guys who went to the chalet had as much fun as I did.


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