Friday, January 15, 2010

The Importance in YOU

As the new year begins with so much positivity after a successful end to a progressive 2009, the need to begin this new decade in a powerful, and meaningful way is the direction to go for us in the new frontier.

With the recently concluded spiritual countdown 2009, the Manjusri Buddhist Interact Club celebrating its return to focus in 1st CCA, and countless meetings to set the objectives of our group this year, the pace and tempo of development at the present moment is - consistent.

And hey, am i glad to hear, that the new committee's evolution has begun and the leaders of the houses being established. You know what that means? A fresh way to begin, a new movement from the new generation, and the immense happiness within me conquers even the darkest of personal conflicts i have for anyone in my life right now.

And so i sat down and figured about the plannings that we have aptly organized for the next half of the year, and what do we have?

- Inter-House Sports and Telematch 2010 - An initiative specially mooted by our captains
- 2nd CAMP L.I.O.N.S 2010 - The Nation Beckons for another United event.
- Reso-Nation PAC - The power of music, and the need for training, has begun.
- Ultimate Series Sports Camp 2010 -For the 2nd year running, we are challenging our limits.
- 2nd SBM Camp Exclusive 2010 - Just for U.

Other than major events that i have yet to single out, and community service still in the pipelines, you know what all these activities spell?

Opportunities are abound here, are you grasping it?
If you have zest and enthusiasm, you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind -Norman Vincent Peale

Not just house members getting to know their friends, but also knowing friends from other houses, and who are leading u in this new year, the committee members, and also, knowing how other youth groups are doing.
And when u do it with zest, u do it with enthusiasm, these two elements often reply to you in the most unique manners, and that is where you see fellow members, fellow leaders, smile when they see each other, and all angst and worries of your daily lives immediately diminished within the darkest abyss.
You would want to be around with us, an opportunity that you would love to grasp with all your might, that seniors guiding juniors, and juniors shining through, and the sincerety in your heart to reach out to everyone, firstly within your house, your group, den to many others in your own life. Leaders, as you reach out with zest, with enthusiasm, they shine within your hearts especially when u are sincere, and with the power of the triple gems in full guidance of your actions, you are able to reach out, and touch your members.

Amidst the fun, lets all not forget one thing.

to bond, we must be willing to make the step to bond.
Strength lies in similarities, not differences - Stephen Covey
Lets all not underestimate the strength of willingness. However, to muster, or to make sure u are willing to make the step to know other people, to want to bond, to want to learn, to always want to know that you have people always concerned in your well-being, just for the same matter, HEART is the truth of the matter. With the HEART to be willing, to reach out, take initiatives, in the simplest of tasks and duties, such as shaking someone's hands in appreciation, saying hello to a friend in SBM, smiling and waving in full acceptance of his/her presence, and also respecting seniors such as your parents, and sharing your problems with them. That, is invaluable in life. When you have a strength, so does your friend. And vice versa, for weaknesses. But Though your strengths may differ, and your weaknesses reflects the same, remember, it is the strengths that shine more than any other energy field that you as a person could conjure up with. Take the step, weave your strength and your friend's together, and possibilities would never cease to exist.
With the willingness to bond, what is the most powerful word that would reveal by itself?

never underestimate yourself, your abilities, and your presence.
life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something in return by becoming more. - Anthony Robbins

All the activities, all the planning, every opportunity that we create, is solely for the purpose of having you around. Every single moment, and almost on a consistent basis, we worry, that even when you want to bond, and you are willing to reach out, that you are not around. Opportunities are missed, spiritual friends lament on the absence of you, activities built for you, gone down the drain in a fleeting moment.
In time, we have 24 hours a day, there are many ways we can manage our lifestyle, the only argument here is, whether we can be there to enjoy the willingness to bond. In retrospect, having the willingness to bond, yet not being around to execute that would render your wishes and hopes, wasted.
The call is, don't ever think that you ain't important, cos every single one of you are so important to us that we are willing to go the distance for you, in the hope that one day, you would learn about genuine sharing, and be able to return to the society by growing strong, in the spiritual, emotional, physical and social realms, after going thru our activities.

So, you ARE important, yes. every single one of you. Let me just name a few examples, Lijia and Victor Tan, with you around, you are bubbly and active , and always bring about the idea that with your running talents, you can represent TEAM SINGAPORE BUDDHIST Youths to fight for sporting honours with our friendly neighbours in Malaysia.
Elysia, Su Hiang, Jiahui, Hazel,Amanda, Mengkuan, Peijin, Yanye, and BIC members, with you around, and your power in cheers and happiness, you always liven up the spirits within SBM Youth, and at least we know, that BIC is in good hands and that it will continue to grow into a top class CCA!
Yixiang, you have been quietly supportive of us and we really appreciate it. We always know that with you around, the group has someone that really concerns herself with our activities and is willing to contribute, no matter what happens. Cheers to you.

Mina~ (everyone in japanese),
These are examples i mentioned, but nonetheless, it does not exclude anyone else that i have not mentioned, rather, it only shows that your personal talents are too immense that i would really want to explore. If its sports, sports camps and adventure related activities are always there for you to have fun, and organize! If you are the music kind, Reso-nation Performing Arts Circle is up, and you will be able to fulfill your dream of performing. If you like to cook, take photographs, videos, or community services, we always open our doors to take you in and allow you to help us organize too!

After all, i want to let you guys know, we plan this much, and in such a detailed manner, is only due to one singular factor:
So do come, for sharings, for a start, and be present. That, is already success in the making.
Success: Your work, is to discover your work, and then give yourself to it - Buddha
Give the SBMYOUTH team, in it, myself and many others i see as equal no matter of what demographics, the opportunity as well as your commitment, to make your dreams, your wishes, your hopes in this youth group, come true.
We hope to see you soon! The first step? Its 16 January 2010, during our first social gathering, together with our adults at SBM's 28th Anniversary Celebrations. Then,
Our First Sharing and House Bonding Session: 23rd January 2010
Time: 10am
Venue: SBM Main Hall
See you all there! Remember, with the willingness to bond, and the power of being present, you have succeeded in providing us the opportunity to bond with you and join in the big family!
(B.B) Alvin

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