Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello people.

I had a little musing last night, or a mini nibbana if you will..

I thought to myself, What does the word family mean? And what does it take to be family?

From what I figured "family" does not mean you have to be bonded by blood or relations or anything of that sort.

Family is where the members inside care for you and stick through thick and thin regardless of the situation be it good or bad.

What do family members do during times of crisis? Do they help you? Do they chide you for making a wrong decision that got you into that situation? Do they solve the problem?

The correct answer is All of the above. You must be thinking, WHY CHIDE YOU FOR MAKING A WRONG DECISION!? Its because, what good is it that you don't learn from your mistakes? If you were not scolded for making the mistake. you probably will not realise why you made it in the first place!

BUT HEY... Waaaait a second.. This "family member" of yours sounds alot like a friend to me..

Which brings me my second point. What is a friend? Some say friends help you up when you are down, some say they share common interests, some say friends are the most important thing in your life. Well, people say alot of things. but the most important thing is that, many of the traits a friend has, a family member has too! So this blurs the line a little bit here. what line separates a family member from a friend?

This I leave for you to slowly figure out on your own.
With this, a little seed of wisdom has been planted in you.

But for me I have found a family which I call SBM :)

P.S. A real family can never be replaced by anyone. So care for them like never before.

Here ends the short sharing during my stressing period.
I had alot more in mind. but most of it flowed out after my due rest.

With metta we rock \m/

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