Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Year Countdown!!!

On 31st December 2009, we had our annual celebration dinner at SBM organised by Eugene, Evelyn and their team of volunteers. The theme was "Kampong SBMY" which was meant to depict a cohesive and closely-nitted community like a "Kampong" village. Everyone came dressed up in their Kampong outfits! It became such a heartwarming dinner to see everyone sitting around an elongaed platform with four steamboat pots. Beside the dining area, some members were playing childhood games like rubber game, "pepsi-cola" and hop-scotch. It was a simple yet enjoyable dinner. Even the clear up was such a joy to see (view it in the video!). After the dinner, a bus was booked to ferry members to Brightshill Temple to attend a spiritual countdown to welcome 2010!

It was definitely a wonderful evening spent with this group of wonderful friends. Thank you all for being part of this SBMyouth family. Thank you for giving such wonderful memories that would last a lifetime. Thank you for being a spiritual friend. Lets welcome 2010 with new vision, hope, wisdom and compassion!

For Full HD experience, click on SBM annual celebration dinner 2009 from zenhora on Vimeo.

Preparing gratitude cards for activity on sunday

Dearest organiser Evelyn!

Dearest organiser Eugene!
Kampong Girls easily amused by bubble!

Fu Zhong floating through hop-scotch station

Zi High with vegetarian tomyum steamboat
Rubber game


Lets welcome DJ RAIN

Supposed to be mickey mouse...

Clorine....nice pose!!!

Devottees waiting for 12AM to strike
Found a nice spot to take close up of the spiritual countdown.
This cute boy posed automatically when I shift my camera to him! Entertained me while I waited for 12 am to strike.


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