Sunday, April 4, 2010

We all make mistakes in life, sometimes, the same old bad habits as usual. And this is where we differentiate our group with others. No one is in it to make a profit or for power, we are here together to continue building a conducive community and environment for young people to grow up and learn. We learn to accept one another, even for the flaws that they may have. Everyone deserves a chance to grow, to learn and perhaps, to redeem. The world outside may not be that forgiving, so even more should we try and provide such an option for our own brothers and sisters in this community. At the same time, we should be effective in our patience, and not let bad habits fall into comfort zone.

But it's always heartening for me to see everyone worked hard together at the expanse of more entertaining activities. We need everyone and everyone needs everyone to be together and united. So that we will always remember that our aim is to cultivate and develop pure spiritual friendships that help to enrich the lives of one another. What would we be without our friends? That's how important your spiritual friends are in your life. It has been an hectic two weeks everyone. I hope it has been a meaningful journey, while recognizing that there's always room for improvement for everything, take heart for the good that you have gained in this journey. Have a great week ahead!

Thank you.

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