Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dhamma Talk Reflections

by Mabel from her blog:

At first I thought the organisation of the Public Talk by Venerable Mahinda was something that I would learn organisational skills from, and yes I did undoubtedly.

What caught me by surprise was the satisfaction, motivation and inspiration that I actually got from this event, when we rounded it off with Venerable Mahinda's short speech to us, and everyone recited, so unanimously, as one SBM, with one heart,

Namo Buddhaya
Namo Dhammaya
Namo Sanghaya.

For once I thought i truly felt what it meant by the resonation of sounds, because my heart followed suit, and all i had in my mind was: with this faith and unity, we will bring happiness to our youths, to other youths as well as to all sentient beings through the practice and the propagation of the Dhamma.

I felt so proud of all of our youths and the group, and I'm not fearful to announce, that people were impressed by the dedication that you guys have to the Buddhist Community.

And of course I really have to thank Eugene who tanked so many things for me, especially the logistical preparations.

With this, I shall end off with the aspiration that all the youths continue to strive to bring the Dhamma to ourselves and others, be it through kind actions or words. With whatever challenges we face we shall face it with wisdom, faith and unity.


And yes, thank the Advance Party too.

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