Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Camp Lions

We sailed across the sea to an offshore island, scaled a hill, explored the deserted business district on a weekend and light up a fire at the furthest corner of Singapore. Ronghui said we 上山下海 and how apt. Doing operations mean I don't get to play and interact much but it has been a great 4 days and nice to note that it will also mean a more united Buddhist youth community. For the SBM kids, I am very happy to see that many of you have grown up and now so proud of your identity. Please keep it going.

A fringe event of the Buddhist Conference by Dharma-in-Action and supported by Singapore Buddhist Mission, Camp Lions brings together youths and volunteers from various Buddhist organisations and backgrounds. When you put some of the most active Buddhist youth groups in Singapore together, you get unity, strength, and sincere spiritual friends. No one is perfect, likewise no group is perfect. We have different strengths and weaknesses and we need everyone to compliment one another. Camp Lions 2010 is a success because of the combination of various groups like Dharma-in-Action, Buddhist Fellowship, Bee Low See, Buddhist Interact Club, Dharma Roundtable, Mangala Vihara, NUS Buddhist Society, NTU Buddhist Society, Singapore Buddhist Mission, Young Buddhist Chapter and of cos, our friends from across the causeway, Subang Jaya Buddhist Association.

Everyone from every Buddhist organisation made a difference.

And now, it's time for a new phase here in SBM, where a new main committee will take over from the old horses. It's an exciting time with this new transition. I am confident the new team is the strongest ever and will bring this youth group to even greater heights!

Sadhu and blessings to all!
- Brother Bear, 1/4 of the Old Horses.

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