Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This film touches me a lot. It contains snippets of events which I am sure everyone can relate to with regards to our memories and interactions with our family. Please give yourself 3 mins to watch the latest short film/advertisement by the National Family Council and MCYS.

A good reminder of the Buddha's teachings in the Sigalovada Sutta

"In five ways, young householder, a child should minister to his parents as the East:

(i) Having supported me I shall support them, (ii) I shall do their duties, (iii) I shall keep the family tradition, (iv) I shall make myself worthy of my inheritance, (v) furthermore I shall offer alms in honor of my departed relatives.[9]

"In five ways, young householder, the parents thus ministered to as the East by their children, show their compassion:

(i) they restrain them from evil, (ii) they encourage them to do good, (iii) they train them for a profession, (iv) they arrange a suitable marriage, (v) at the proper time they hand over their inheritance to them.

"In these five ways do children minister to their parents as the East and the parents show their compassion to their children. Thus is the East covered by them and made safe and secure.

Sadhu to all!

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