Monday, June 14, 2010

Retreat 2010!

This has been the first Dhamma retreat organised for SBM youth since 2007. We had approximately 20 participants and 6 volunteers.

It's amazing to see how such a wide range of age group (from 123to 26) participating in the retreat. Despite a one full day 8-preceptor retreat, it was really intensive. We had 5 hours of Dhamma talks, and 4 hours of personal practice, all compressed into a 12 hour day retreat. Initially I was afraid that it might frighten younger youth members but when I see Cleonn, Reyner and Zoey meditating and proactively reading Dhamma books, I was touched by their efforts to make full use of their time at the retreat.

We were very fortunate to have Bante Ven K Dhammika to initiate the 8 preceptor retreat and lead us for a morning beach meditation. Ven Bodhi also took time off her busy schedule to give us two inspiring talks "We should practise, why now?" and "Forms of meditation and the Jhanas". We personally sat through the longest 3 hours Dhamma talk ever! But it was so interesting and engaging that it totally did not felt that long. Lastly, we had Dr Chandawimala from PKS monastary to share with us Buddhist anecdotes and simple moral guide in our lives.

Thank you Kevin, Amy, Rayner, Wenshi and Keith for organising this activity. Thank you Shi Xiong and Wanling for the first class transport services. Lastly, I'll like to thank Alvin, his parents, my parents and Auntie Evelyn who helped us prepare the wonderful healthy vegetarian food!

With Metta,

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