Friday, October 22, 2010

Crisis Management

What could we do when our usual campsite is fully booked and we have no money for more costly venues?

We made use of what we have, cut corners with our logistics and set up a makeshift camp site at an operating farm at the wild side of Singapore. Not without days of clearing the warehouses, clearing the land off debris and wild grass so that we could organise a Buddhist youth camp for youths and by youths.

This was just a mini crisis that last year's camp committee faced and which they bravely squared off. The result is the video below.

Everyone of us were students while organising these camps but these are little experiences that we may not be able to face in our normal routine and quite likely prep us for our adventures in the adult working next, which is going to be even more steep and challenging. So make full use of every project, every duty and learn something about yourself, and about working with a team.

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