Monday, November 15, 2010


Something that happened yesterday at Sbm touched me deeply :) Someone told me that an auntie wanna contribute food to CEP! When I went to talk to her, I realized she's not very young. And she was more than happy to cook something for one of our meals. While talking to her, I was really very very touched, almost, just almost, touched to tears! I mean, she's quite old already and she's willing to cook something for 150 people! She's gonna cook sambal egg (yumyum!) for everyone! Some people might tell me it's just a simple dish, some others might say she always cooks for CEP! But meh I'd say the intention and effort, really makes me fuzzywuzzy all over!

Hehe, with CEP GLCAMP/BONDINGCAMP/DRYRUN coming in less than a week, and CEP coming in a month, let's jiayouuuuu and end this year with a memorable experience for everyone (apart from qgy wheeee!) anddddddddd, I thank and appreciate everyone's effort and time so far even though I know alot of you are extremely busy and all :)

Whee, alrightiez! See most of you on Saturday! :) Details will be up soon! :)

With load of love,
Xinyi :)

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