Sunday, December 5, 2010

CEP 2009 Summary Clip from zenhora on Vimeo.

Hello everyone, SBM's Camp Ehi-Passiko 2010 will commence in about 2 weeks time. Do sign up for the camp fast as the seats are limited. If you are still uncertain about it.. here are some of the reasons why you should be certain..
  1. Learning the Dhamma through a fun and interesting manner.
  2. Learning skills that you will be able apply in your daily life.
  3. Making many many new friends
  4. 4 days 3 nights of non-stop games that can blow your mind.
  5. Delicious vegetarian food (Probably hotel standard...)
  6. Comfortable king koi beds (Proudly sponsored by Ding Doi..)
So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP NOW!! Don't wait until my pet tortoise comes home.. Contact Eugene @ 93224388, Wufeng @ 96176838 Xinyi @ 98223031 NOW!! or email us at for more enquiries.

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