Saturday, December 4, 2010

Six Ways of Squandering Wealth

As taught by the Buddha in the Sigalovada Sutta.

Six Ways of Squandering Wealth

1. Indulgence in Intoxicants

2. Roaming the streets at Inappropriate Times

1. Loss of immediate wealth,

2. Increased quarreling,

3. Susceptibility to illness,

4. Bad reputation

5. Indecent exposure,

6. Weakened insight.

1. He himself is unprotected and unguarded

2. His wife and children are unprotected and unguarded

3. His property is unprotected and unguarded

4. He is suspected of crimes

5. He becomes subject to false allegations and rumors

6. He is subjected to many miseries

3. Habitual Partying

4. Compulsive Gambling

1. You constantly seek, 'Where's the dancing?

2. Where's the singing?

3. Where's the music?

4. Where are the stories?

5. Where's the applause?

6. Where's the drumming?'

1. Winning breeds resentment;

2. The loser mourns lost property;

3. Loss of wealth;

4. One’s word carries no weight in a public forum or court of law;

5. Despised by friends and colleagues

6. One is not sought after for marriage, since a gambler cannot adequately support a family.

5. Bad Companionship

6. Laziness

1. Any rogue/gambler,

2. Drunkard,

3. Glutton

4. Cheat,

5. Swindler,

6. Thug/ bandit

1. 'It's too cold,'

2. ‘It's too hot,'

3. 'It's too late,'

4. 'It's too early,'

5. 'I'm too hungry,'

6. 'I'm too full,'

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