Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wooden Fish and the Gold Fish

English Translation:

Near the distant mountain, there is a patch of white clouds. Deep within the white clouds, a small creek flows. Inside that small creek dwells a goldfish. Everyday, the goldfish swims here and there. Next to the creek, there is a temple. In the main hall of the temple, there is a small shrine. On top of the shrine is a wooden fish Everyday, the wooden fish knocks here and there

Sunrise and sunset, good times pass quickly. Why are you knocking here and there? In the world outside, the water is sweet and flowers are red. You need to seize life's pleasures. Tides rise and fall with heartless wind and turbulent waves. Why do you swim here and there? Tomorrow's happiness relies upon today's earnings You must see through the elements of a happy life to be free. Goldfish and wooden fish are different. Never will they understand each other. To be a Buddhist monk you have to ring the bell daily. So they will continue their own dreams.

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