Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don't lose the connection

These few months had been filled with distractions, elements of greed, hatred, delusion. It's been quite a while since I ever got back in touch with chantings and meditation. It has been a while since I got in touch with Buddhism, except the occasional reflections on daily occurrences.

These few months have changed me, in small margins but yes, there are changes. Changes which I am not proud of, changes which I am sure it will help me shut off the stupidity of this world, fools who will continue to be fools without realizing their ego has overshadowed their wisdom. But in one small corner of my mind, I know that I am part of all these BS.

My mind is not clear.

Earlier this evening, I sat down on the sofa and turned the TV on, grumbling to myself how unhealthy this is to be sitting down all day (you can't travel much by walking in Penang, and frisbee training was canceled today), feeling more miserable than I was supposed to. The aged TV had problems, which took around 5 minutes to function properly with display and sound.

During that few minutes of silence, I picked up this book called Samana, a biography on the late Maha Ajahn Boowa, written by Maha Ajahn himself.

I had only managed to read about how he ended up being in the Maha Sangha, his experience with his teacher, the late Ajahn Mun, and his vows and determination in his spiritual practice. Then the TV became alive and my attention drifted off.

But I wasn't fully paying attention to the TV.

I was reminded that the Dhamma is still out there, that the path of peace and tranquility is real. It is like a line cutting across a clouded field of dark, gloomy mass, a path which cuts across our defilements, a weapon so unique to defeat the Mara in us.

For that few minutes, I felt a surge of peace and tranquility, and it was the greatest I felt throughout the entire day.

In my mind I thought, how lucky we are to be able to listen to a doctrine so divine.

Start cultivating, do not lose the connection with the Buddha-Dhamma, as it is an opportunity so rare.

The untrained mind is weak and easily swayed, let the Dhamma be our guide.

Samana - Luangta Maha Boowa

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